Why Adventure Travel?

Adventure travel is more than a get-away that gives longer lasting memories, enhanced well-being and energy, where the dreams come true every time. Why not come back feeling more revived, healthier, more satisfied and with endless stories to tell!

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Live Healthier, Live Happier, Feel Young, Have fun, Go Adventure!

Why Stunning Adventure?

We are the company, believes in excellent personalized service. We offers planning services for family travel, group travel, couples travel, and significantly more. We can guarantee a smooth, bona fide and beyond the expectation holidays at great price.

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Our Holiday Activities

Trekking & Hiking

The ideal holiday activities to encounter the local taste of the destination. Stop at relaxation, meet individuals, trying local food, making new friends and return with own interesting story!


A new travel holidays activity to learn about who you are, when you fly. Which stands for opportunity, for satisfaction, for joy, for the ability to comprehend and to exhibit that understanding.

Rafting & Kayaking

Numerous rivers for explore and everything in plenty of never-ending world class opportunities for you to make the taste of River rafting, Canoeing, kayaking. Once you have it, you love it.

Jungle Safari

Heavily forested hills bordering on the south is a heaven of wildlife, where offers the comfortable accommodations, elephant rides, canoeing, and nature walks with highly trained naturalists.

Mountain Biking

Experience stunning scenes and unique cultures of various races on our mountain biking, from the cities to the Himalayas.


Awake awareness on the canvas of body, brain and soul. Be a light to yourself. It’s amazing, Yoga on the lap of Himalaya.


Mountaineering is viewed as a cornerstone action that Nepal offers to climbers, more than any nation on the planet.

Leisure Tour

Nepal, a destination for individuals of all ages and all interests. Explore the Nepal Tour, from attractions around each corner.