When you travel with us, you support local communities and help make the societies to some extent better for everyone.

Namaste! Welcome to Stunning Adventure. This is the vehicle service provider company in Nepal established by dedicated and hardworking travel professional who has been serving in the travel & tourism sector from the last 10 years.

Our aim is to provide excellent service who wants to visit any part of Nepal. Doesn’t matter which alternatives you pick (Car, Jeep, Van, Bus etc.). We esteem our clients most importantly. We have every types of vehicles as per your financial plan and intrigues.

We can include everything as per your requirements & we can guarantee that your get-away is nothing not exactly the outing of your lifetime. Whether you will be exploring with your family, or going with friends or couple or any religious tours. We are specialists in making the ideal private car rental service (with driver) that suit you most. We can promise the value of our work.

Our Vision:
• Our obligation towards social and environmental responsibility.
• Enhance the standard of society in the country to make a virtual society by providing employment opportunity.
• On the way to become a prominent smile car rental company in the country, our customers’ best companion, that give constantly the finest potential support by travelling from our company.

Our Mission:
• Provide safe, comfortable, effective, and efficient travel service at a reasonable cost.
• Provide memorable holidays in Nepal.
• Socially and environmentally responsible.
• Serve and supports the community.
• Satisfying the needs of our clients and always exceeding their expectations.
• Deliver overall satisfaction to our travelers and clients and at the same time fulfilling their requirements and needs.

Our Objectives:
• Our organization primary objective is to satisfy our customers & business partners based on service standards.
• Measuring customer’s satisfaction by figuring out what their needs and desires are.
• We do our hardest to ensure extraordinary quality services for our customers and go-between.

Encourage Domestic Tourism & Preserve Culture

As a responsible company, we can create several trip packages to meet the demands of local tourists and boost domestic tourism. Over a long period of time, the demand for domestic tourism in the country has been gradually expanding. Many city residents nowadays wish to travel to new and popular areas, have a unique experience, and participate in various tourism activities.

Most native Nepalese visitors may easily travel from Kathmandu or Pokhara to any part of the nation with their family members, friends, and business colleagues for special events, festival vacations, or simply for enjoyment. If any Nepalese travelers are looking for certain areas of interest in any part of our country, whether religious, cultural, or natural, Stunning Adventure offers a variety of tour packages to suit their needs.

We pay strict consideration to find the detail and preferences you seek when it comes to congregate your ideal travel package. The travel or trip will be nothing short of outstanding when planned with Stunning Adventure. Simply let us know, where, when and how long you want to make your travel holidays.