Ghandruk Trek – The Perfect Short Trekking In Nepal From Pokhara
Ghandruk trek in Nepal

The Ghandruk Trek (commonly also identified as the Ghandrung Adventure trek) is a wonderful trekking alternative for people who are actually in Nepal for a quite short time period, or just would like to prepare a comparatively short adventure with different fun-based activities in Nepal. The trek is usually completed in 3 to 4 days. Furthermore, this is the best picturesque and recommended four days’ trek which can be done from Pokhara. The up high a mountain scene are fabulously breathtaking; the trail again is relatively simple. Additionally, the country side is incredibly stunning that make it possible for your opportunities to encounter the tranquil lifestyle in Nepali villages. Every one tends to make this trekking a brilliant option for every individual seeking for short form trek in the Annapurna base mountain hills, from the family and friend’s units with small children to the those who seek out a shorter outdoor camping adventure in Nepal.


The Ghandruk trek gets started after approximately one and half hour of driven from Pokhara and then ascends from the valley of Modi river after passing the suspensions bridge at Birethanti. Then you certainly ascend past farmhouse fields, jungles and lovely hills villages and also towards the end of the day time arrive at the authentic cultural Gurung small village of Ghandruk. The community continue to sustains the traditionally prescribed residences with natural stone rooftops along with the regional village museum is definitely worth experiencing. Following day, you can stroll from a pleasant trail again by means of hot spring to the small town of Landruk. On the third day, by walking over more than a few viewpoints for instance Tolka and Deurali lastly come at Poth Ana for A noon-time meal.

Short trek from Pokhara Ghandruk

The day lunch lodges in Pothana is likely to be in dense jungles. In fact, the Himalayan perspective from that point is absolutely unbelievable. Afterward, you can take a walk to the viewpoints Dhampus to taking pleasure in much more vistas even more villages. On the fourth day, you come through to the graveled end at Phedi, the place where you find your car or local bus for Pokhara.

Note: Where are you? Kathmandu or in Pokhara. If you are in Kathmandu, take a tourist bus ticket which is running from Kantipath only early morning from 7 am to 7:30 am every day (just 15 min walk from the enchanting city Thamel) for Pokhara that takes; drive 200km around 6 to 7 hrs. which is scenic drive.

Itinerary of short Ghandruk trek

Day 1st:

Ghandruk Trek – Drive Pokhara to Nayapul for 1:30 hr. and Trek to Ghandruk for 5hrs.

If you are in Pokhara, take a taxi in hire either in Lakeside or from hotel. Firstly, you have to drive one and half hours for 45 km to Nayapool. The beginning point for taking your footsteps. As you reach, descend slightly through wide muddy trail by passing small market up to the last shop of the town and move down the stone stairs which is curly and might be muddy and slippery. As you keep on your way, at the right side you see the statue of serpent which is celebrated by Hindu people as a god.

Annapurna view from Pokhara

Cross the swing bridge and walk over the narrow trail of small beautiful ethnic village. You will meet bunch of bamboo trees and junction with wide motor able road. Go on by following the Modi river and at the side you even will find the construction of hydro power project. After the gradual walk, you cross the Birethanti iron bridge which looks very beautiful with prayer flags. After crossing the bridge, take a right direction on the wide trail. Follow the stream with greenery view of left and right. If the weather has clear, look in front the horizon. You will see the beautiful mountain view. On the way, the indication of trail over the Syaulibazar. Prefer that way which is peace and cheerful.

Annapurna view from Ghandruk

As you reach, you can stop for lunch or tea break there. After having your short break, head up through stone steps cross the suspension bridge and so again, move upwards over steps up to the Kimchee. From where local buses run to Pokhara and Nayapol. Now the trail little bit wide and easy. But not steps, only the wide path before half and hours to the Ghandruk. Beautiful stream and waterfall along with women who are carrying the mountain grass in bamboo basket make completely awe-inspiring environment that take up to the Ghandruk. There are lots of tea houses in the town. Choose which hotel you like and overnight for the stay. If you have time, in the late afternoon you can go to make a round the village. And major attraction of that village are Great Himalayas, Mountain museum and old town of Gandruk.

Day 2nd:

Ghandruk Trek – From Ghandruk to Landruk via Jhinu for 5 to 6hrs.

Today, after having your morning breakfast. Ask to the local people about the way to Jhinu Hot Spring. They will be very happy to tell you. There is only the trail which has not any confusion as you find the exact trail from the Ghandruk village. Even if you have already made a sightseeing the village on the last day evening, then maybe you have seen some sign board of way to Hot Spring. As you find the trail, you will descend through the stone stairs over the mountain terrain with lovely view of Mountain and natural scenery.

After half and hours, you will meet and cross the pleasing iron bridge. Which is above the small stream and very beautiful part of the trail in between. Keep your pace steadily and move upwards direction through to mountain terrace you will find the blue color zinc roof traditional house that is standing alone. There you can stop for short break or take a rest. Buy some things that can help to generate their income. Because they also have a small shop and like a tea house. Afterward, descend gradually from bamboo forest with striking view of South Annapurna and Hiunchuli. The trail lead little up and down for the few minutes on the way.

View from Landruk

But, all the way descending before meet the Modi bridge. As you reach river, there is small wooden bridge. Cross and head up for half and hours to the Jhinu. There are lots of tea houses and guest houses. Take a stop and order for lunch. After that again descend to the hot spring from end to end forest and again meet the swimming part of pond. Take a swim for one hour. So again, follow the same trail to head up to tea house. Take your lunch which you had ordered. Afterward, again follow the same path up to the two way breaking point of Ghandruk. Do not head up, move downwards to the new bridge. By following the bamboo and little bunch of rhododendron forest with other species of trees, you will cross the new suspension bridge. Then after, step by step the trail goes slowly but surely to the upward up to Landruk. Overnight stay place.

Day 3rd:

Ghandruk Trek – From Landruk to Dhampus for 5 hrs.

Wake up early morning and enjoy the view from the Tea house lodge. It’s very perfect view that you can enjoy from there. Ordered for piquant tea that can make your mood fresh and enjoyable. After your breakfast, move little upwards and follow the wide graveled trail. All the way around three hours and head up to Deurali which is 2800 m from the sea level. From there stunning view of south Annapurna and Hiunchuli can be seen. As well as the valley Pokhara also can be viewed.

Landruk village view

Afterward, descend slowly steep down through the forest and come across the path of Pothana. There you can stop for lunch. So again, descend by showing the ACAP (Annapurna Conservation Area Project) permit.  You will reach Dhampus. This is unspoiled place to view the close up and panoramic view of mountains that can be seen from Pokhara. In Dhampus, the lodges are very well decorated and luxury then the usual.

Day 4th:

Ghandruk Trek – From Dhampus to Phedi for 2hrs and drive back to Pokhara around half and hours.

After your daily morning meal, keep an eye on 15 min on the wide road trail and ask to the local people from where can you descend to Phedi. If you follow the same graveled road, then it will take long to reach down. But, there is a small track that you can descend through. Because, the trail is stone stairs but peaceful to walk and enjoy the view. As you reach down to Pheddi, take a taxi or local bus up to the Pokhara and relax.

Altitude profile of Ghandruk trek

Before you go Ghandruk Trek

ACAP (Annapurna Conservation Area Programme) and TIMS (Trekkers Information Management System)

ACAP and TIMS permit is very essential before you go Ghandruk Trek. Because, Gandruk lies inside the Annapurna conservation area. So, the cost for ACAP is Rs.2000 (US $20 Dollar) and TIMS is Rs.1000 (US $10 Dollar) per person for every foreign national should be carried on.

Annapurna trekking permit


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