Related Information About Nepal Stone Sculpture
Stone sculpture in Nepal

Nepal’s stone sculpture are accepted to have developed much sooner than the conception of Christ. There is a common believe that stone image of Virupaksya, and a series of image entitled ‘Parvati Tapasya’ belong to Kirat period before the 5th century BC. However, such conclusions are made only on the basis of physical and formal features of image since no inscriptions explaining the dates are found so far.

History of Nepal Stone Sculpture

From Lichhavi period Nepal stone sculpture pictures with dates and different portrayals are found. The photos of Padmapani Buddha, Vishnu Vikrant, Vishworup, Uma Maheshwor, Bhagavatis, Shiva Lingas and number of distinctive pictures were fabricated in the period. The photos from the period can in like manner be found at Hanumandhoka, Changu Narayansthan, Dhumbarahi, Shovabhagvati, Naxal Bhagvati and Pashupatinath.

The stone images of the period have certain distinctive features that distinguish them from those of the earlier period. The pictures evidently having a place with Kirat period have round faces, wavy hair, well developed forehead, vigorous body and short stature, while the stone pictures of Lichhavi period have long oval faces, Aryan nose, dainty dresses, ornaments and crowns on heads. Also, these highlight a complicatedly wore hair. The most striking highlight is that they have pleasant clarity and they are energetic. The materials used for making images is also of superior quality- mostly hard blue or black stones.

Advancement during the Thakuri and Malla

Nepal’s stone sculpture entered another essential period of its advancement during the Thakuri and Malla period. A segment of the remarkable pictures made in this period are; Nrisimha’s photo at Hanumandhoka, the photos of Radha-Rukmini with Krishna, twelve of pictures at Patan Durbar Square, Krishna with Dash image at Krishna Mandir of Patan, Garuda, Vishnu, Uma Maheshwor, Nirsimha, Bhairav-Bhairav and Surya Vinayak of Bhaktapur and so on. Moreover, the pictures are more enhancing and enhanced with a radiance. In any case, there are sure exemptions as well. Some out-of-the-pattern pictures were likewise made in the period.


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