Paragliding is another newly adventure sport which emerges as a fastest growing tandem flight sport in Nepal. Due to the best topography and suitable climate, paragliding in Nepal can be a truly wonderful and fully excitement experience for the adventure-seekers to enjoy the freedom of flying like a bird.

The flight offers the views of majestic Himalayan range along with the magnetic scenery on earth. For instance: beautiful lakes, spectacular peaks, shocking overhead perspective of the city, monasteries, sanctuaries, lakes and wilderness like no place else on the planet. The flight will be run by qualified pilot from tandem flight to completely guaranteed paraglide courses. You can even acquire the global license certificate in Nepal if you learn the course of paragliding. In the event that if you don’t have your own particular gear or equipment then that is not an issue, hiring gear in Nepal is an optional arrangement.

They also provide single flight or even with hawks (birds of prey). Since 1995, paragliding has been practiced in Nepal and game goes from quality to quality. You can go as a learner and stay with several flying hours under your strap. While taking off tandem flight with the hawks (birds of prey) and flying near to the mountains, you will never forget a first pair flight. You will fly with world class experienced pilot and get ariel view across the valley.

The flying season in Nepal begins from November through February. The best months being November and December. Sarangkot (Hill station) at 1592m above the sea level in Pokhara Valley (the beautiful lake city) is the jumping off point for paragliders. Qualified pilots give a short preparation before takeoff. The slope station itself is popular for astounding sunrise & sunset views over the Himalayas. Ready to go tandem paragliding flight!