As a service provider and trip planner, our packages are in light of numerous segments like: the length of your trip, number of travelers, number of activities you want to do, types of hotels you prefer, and other items factor into your overall package cost.  We can handle any request and can work with single travelers, couples or groups and can plan to meet your every needs to take care of every aspect of your trip for Nepal, Tibet and Bhutan.

Looking Loyal Travel Service Provider?

Our travel service provider whether it is our office personnel or tour leaders or guides or drivers; all are loyal, enthusiastic, trained and spirited to take care all of your needs in a capable and efficient way during the trip. They all are fully equipped to accommodate your wishes and needs to guarantee a smooth, bona fide and beyond the expectation holiday. Our aim is not to offer you the cheapest package options, because we are competitive service provider and count a ton of value for the services we offer.

Looking Professional Trip Planner?

If you are looking for professional trip planner to plan the unforgettable trip for your family or only with your special groups or for couple travel, you have come to the right agency. Our travel itineraries are completely designed around you that suit you most. Likewise, if you want to plan trekking or tour in Nepal for five to six days and after that go to visit Potala palace in Lhasa or want to visit the land of thunder dragon (Bhutan) at the same time. Our travel specialist will assist you in tailoring the most perfect trip and can add in as many sightseeing tours, excursions and activities as you wish as well as all transportation services as needed and anything else that you may require.

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