Stunning Adventure is established by a team of dedicated and hardworking travel professionals, who has been involving in the travel and tourism sector from the last 10 years, with the aim to provide excellent service. We deal with each part of the outing to guarantee that the trip will go easily and as anxiety free as could reasonably be expected. We are the company that think small, think local and think about what benefit the explorer, the excursion and as its best.


We are qualified in providing excellent service in every part of our tour. Stunning Adventure makes every effort to provide the best and most suitable travel service to its guests. We are able to provide different modes of transportation (Flight, Tourist- bus, car, van, etc.) pertaining to the group size, desire, budget and preferences. We are dedicated to be responsible for vehicles to suit individual as well as group as per necessity of our every valued customers.


We select hotels for the accommodations according to the type of the destination where and how we are travelling. For an example, finest inner city hotel one night, a unique home-stay the next, camping under the twinkle stars and the night subsequently.

Another, we have also close alliances with many well-known hotels and accommodation. The range of star hotel including that of international standards star hotels (2 to 5 Star) to the budget hotels and lodges. No matter which options you preferred? According to the budget and interest, we painstakingly select the best ones in every one of the urban communities in our most critical destinations.

Certified Experience Guide

Every one of our guides are very prepared in all part of the trips, preservation, high height medication, and emergency treatment and crisis systems. They are certified by the governments and this is the individual that go with all issues, concerns and inquiries during the trip. They are experts chosen for their insight and energy for Nepal and its people groups and recall that they are local guides and their English are fundamental and expert to their related topics.

Note: Did you get a question for tour? Regardless of the possibility that it’s the particular case that you’re right now on? As a responsive operators, we understand the significance of convenient and effective communication. Inquiries can come up anyplace and whenever. We’re here to help, day or night. We never rest to sleep.

Small Group Travel

Group size will differ contingent upon where and how we’re travelling. In one hand, our groups are regularly a family groups, friends travelling together, and couples. In second hand, our groups are regularly a blend of single travelers, companions travelling together, and couples, all of different ages, background and nationalities and are sufficiently little, that you feel like you’re investigating a destination autonomously. However, our average group size is 10 to 15. Just grab your family or friends and let’s go.

Private Travelers

We can also handle any request and can work with 1 or 2 people on their own suited dates and can plan to meet their every needs to take care of every aspect of their trip.


This is your trip- only yours. Do you want to shop traditional and innovative handicrafts in the street? Or like to taste typical food in the local restaurants. We give you the heading and outing structure. Just decide what you want to do.


Are you interested in doing the adventure activities in the different way? Than you have many options to select! We have the different activities that you can do to, like; Rafting, Paragliding, Hiking, Jeep flyer, Ultra-light, Bungee jumping, Rock climbing, Jungle safari and so forth. No matter, how many activities you want to do? Just decide when, where and how long you want to travel, we’ve the trip of a lifetime for you.

Customer Satisfaction

Customer Satisfaction is our satisfaction and is our major priority to uplift our business. Satisfaction report is not what we put into it. It is the thing that when the clients receives our service. But, 99% of our clients report fulfillment with the service we offered them on their outing. How do we get this? By the clients testimonial and listening to them.