“One of the best country for adventure Destination in the world”
                         National Geographic Adventure Magazine. 

Nepal is a trekker’s paradise, Dozens of trekking routes and destinations with eight of the top ten highest mountains in the world, all of which offer each trekking routes and the most excellent scenes which are just reachable by on foot.

Trekking in Nepal is one of the interesting encounters of Asia. Most treks experience elevations somewhere around 1,000 and 4,000 meters, while some well-known parts reach more than 5,000 meters. It’s not only the stunning landscapes that captivate the trekkers but also the area present both Natural beauty and cultural diversity of people of different ethnic groups living there.

Nepal has something new for everyone: the magnificent tumble of the great snow summits, the highest peak in the world, stream, waterfall, incredible edge covered in snowcapped blooms, backwoods of rhododendron, segregated villages, towns, little mountain towns, fowls, creatures, sanctuaries, monasteries and so on.

There are numerous short and long, easy and difficult treks. All are exciting and provide ample opportunities to interact with Nature at its best and culture too. The consistently separated villages and tea houses along the trekking permits, trekkers’ great chances to rest and recuperate, either for a couple of minutes or the night. And what preferable path over strolling to see and experience it.

Nepal is the trekkers’ heaven and trekking is the most popular activity and best country for the trekking among the world. The tranquility of the country offers something to everyone from beginners to experience.

Hiking in Nepal is designed for the casual trekkers those who have only limited time to spare and want to experience with the view of spectacular Himalayan vistas with gently walking on to the rolling hills, deep valleys, peace forest in a quite rural atmosphere. It is also design for those who do not have any experience of walking on the rolling hills and deep valleys. Like a warm up trek. Every one of our climbs give incredible chance to experience the numerous Nepalese Villages, the delightful scenes and the Snow topped Mountains.