Originating from the snowy peaks and cutting through the gorges of higher mountains to the plains of Terai, the rivers of Nepal are recognized as the best white water kayaking and rafting in the world. White water rafting activities in Nepal is the most popular interesting adventures. Many tourists, trekkers and mountaineers along with local people greatly enjoy rafting in the perennially flowing rivers in Nepal. River trip also provides opportunity for geological surveys, swimming, fishing and encounters with people culture and lifestyles, which are inaccessible.

Try White Water Kayaking and Rafting at the Lap of Himalayas

If you are a lover of water, then Nepal rafting offers you boundless white waterways that flowing through the most elevated mountains of the world, where experienced kayakers seeker can appreciate various water games and adventures. Attempt the broadly well-known world great class white water rafting and kayaking like the Karnali River, Sunkoshi and Tamur, which are a blend of rapids, level and landscapes. The vast majority of people appreciate whitewater rafts for rush of it, while numerous individuals need to attempt it as an amateurs.

Enjoy the profound waterways canoeing, to wide tributary basins through a part of the world popular rivers like, the Sunkoshi, Bhotekoshi, Trishuli, and Kali Gandaki where the speedy grades from 1 to 6 and various territory meet fascinating plant life and aquatic life. Himalayan River like Marshyangdi and Arun, give probably the grandest perspectives for the rafters with various untamed life and vegetation along the paddle trip.

White water kayaking and rafting are normally arranged in the dry seasons from October through mid-December and March through ahead of schedule May. Rafting Trips range from may be a couple days to two-week undertakings. The Trishuli River is the most mainstream among raft waterways. Near to Kathmandu, the outing brings you ultimate descent down the distance to the Chitwan National Park.

Plan a short white water rafting and kayaking trip which keeps going from a day to three days, or more outings which offer comfort camp stops combined with short trip along the waterway lines into thick evergreen woods and lovely waterfalls.

Rivers open for white water Kayak & Raft:
  • Trishuli River: 1 to 2 Days Trip
  • Marshyangdi River: 2 to 4 Days Trip
  • Upper Seti River: 1 to 2 Days Trip
  • Sunkosi River: 8 to 10 Days Trip
  • Karnali River: 3 to 5 Days Trip
  • Kali Gandaki River: 3 Days Trip
  • Tamur River: 10 Days Trip